Win $25 PayPal with Profitale’s contest!

With Profitale’s contest you can win the following prizes:

  • First place: 25$ PayPal or any of the others rewards.
  • Second place: One (1) month 125×125 banner on the right side.
  • Third place: Link in any of my articles pointing to similar useful article in your blog.
  • For the next 3 people – Link Included to my Blog Roll.

Deadline: 21st September 2008

Who can participate?

Everyone can participate, however if I detect that you cheat and register with multiple users you will be removed.

How can I participate?

1) Commenting!

Notes: As a begining you can simply post a comment here.

Reward: A comment brings you one entry in the contest.

2) Subscribing via email!

Note: Simply subscribe to Profitale by visiting the link or the form in the top right corner. Comment in this thread including your email so he can check.

Don’t include the WHOLE email, because the spam bots can access it, include only the begining. For example if your email is [email protected], include only ‘nathalie’.

Reward: Subscription brins you one additional entry in the contest.

3) Posting about this contest!

Note: Post about the contest in your blog, explain with a few words that there is contenst here and what has to be done to participate.

Reward: Two more entries in the contest.

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